Increase your Income and Have Fun While Doing It

Our only goal is to help, teach and support you to take control of your income so you can live on your own terms whether you have a main hustle, side hustle or 9to5 hustle, you can:

  • Manage and Grow your income
  • Discover how to start or scale
  • Build the life you're dreaming about

Club She Is

If you're ready to take your income to the next level

We're a community of women who have...

  • started 7-Figure side hustles while working full-time
  • generated over R1million in sales in their businesses
  • turned their side hustles into main hustles
  • received multiple job promotions and raises in 12 months or less
  • developed the skills to manage their money and improve their lives
  • grown the confidence & courage to chase after the life of their dreams

We're focused on growth this season - the kind of growth you can only get from sitting under the tree when the experts speak.

She Is:

The Podcast

Real conversations of careers and cash. Join us as we interview real women sharing real stories of how they achieved success. Soak up the knowledge and wisdom from their lived experiences in life, business and corporate.

Catch the latest episodes here or wherever you listen or watch.

Meet the Founders

Kopano Shimange

Aka MrsMomBoss is a content creator, serial entrepreneur and digital communication specialist. Kopano has helped 1000s of women find their passion and build personal brands and businesses. She is a personal financial expert and focused on helping women how they can grow their income and use it to grow wealth and happy life.

Nyaki Tshabangu

Nyaki is a serial entrepreneur and has had success building both online and offline. She is a Certified Digital Marketing Strategist and helps business owners generate income by using social media and digital marketing. Nyaki is a keen investor and has a wealth of knowledge to share on making money and money babies

Club She Is: The Agency

Now offering DONE FOR YOU services exclusively for women of the Club. While the focus on building your knowledge and expertise is a critical part of your success as a business owner, there comes a time when you need to step out of the technical and into the strategic to take your business to the next level.

The Agency is here to allow you to operate in your zone of genius... and let someone else keep things moving.

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